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We have a great collection of beers on tap including well-known favorites, seasonal selections and our newest creations. Take a look below to see our current list, and join us soon to taste for yourself.

Beer Hawk Wood
Beer Lion Heart
Beer Gold Bear


One of our first brews, this all-time favorite is here to stay. Mild and floral, this award winning beer is sold in cans or bottles. Order your shipment today or stop by our brewery to have a glass on our bar.


One of our favorite ales, this fine drink is vibrant, fresh and delicious. Try it on the bar or take a six-pack home with you - you’ll make the next party a huge success. If you’d like to consult one of our experts, get in touch.


This boutique beer is only produced in a small batch, and makes for a superb choice on special occasions. Bitter and strong, this pale ale was born for true, adventurous beer lovers. Talk to our sales department to order your delivery today.

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